Be a Better Performer


When you're performing live, there's one question that lingers in the back of your mind:

How am I doing on time?

A true professional knows how to bring the show to a natural conclusion at just the right moment. But without the benefit of knowing precisely how long you have, you’re at a loss.

You can't look at your watch for the time without looking unprofessional. But you can get that simple bit of information without distracting you or your audience.

iPad 18:27

Fin is here to help. Place your iPad, iPhone, or TV monitor somewhere between you and your audience, and let Fin run as you deliver the best performance of your life. You'll never be distracted by not knowing the time again.

Core Features

Remote Control and Sync

Now you can connect two or more devices running Fin and let them run the same timer simultaneously. Perfect for situations where you have a performer on stage, but want to control the timer from an audio-visual table.

iPad and iPhone Remote Setup

More Control Over Notifications

Now you can decide whether you want to be notified in the background on warning times as well as the final timer. You can also get a "tap" on your wrist via the Apple Watch when you reach your warning and final times.

Fin on Apple Watch Showing Notification

Multiple Display Modes

Depending on your needs, you can set your timer display in multiple ways.

  • Time remaining
  • Time elapsed
  • Current clock time
  • Blank screen, changing color at designated warning times

Quick Setup

Fin includes 12 preset timers, which can be accessed with a simple tap. All 12 presets can be edited, so you can set quick access to whatever timers you need most frequently. All presets save not only the main timer, but three warning times as well.

iPhone 6 presets

Warning times give you a quick and easy way to know when your time is beginning to run out. At the times you specify, Fin's entire background will change to a bright color, so the warning can be acknowledged without even reading the specific time.

Less than 10 minutes Remaining

Want to make a quick change to when the three warnings appear? No problem. Warnings can be set individually, either as part of a preset, or as a one-time change to the current timer. And you can choose from two different color sets for your warnings: the Toastmasters standard green, yellow, red, or the classic Fin yellow, orange, red.

Editing Warning Times

Keep Your Performers on Schedule

If you run conferences, toastmasters meetings, music nights, or other kinds of live events, you’ll appreciate how well Fin keeps your talent on schedule. Rather than having someone in the front of the room holding up cards for 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and so on, or flashing lights that everyone can see, let Fin do the job for you.

Fin will turn the entire background of the screen different colors at warning times you specify. (Yellow, orange, and red, or the Toastmasters standard green, yellow, and red.) When time is up, the screen will pulse from red to black and a custom message will appear, notifying performers that they have now gone over their time slot. The audience will never notice, but your performers will get the hint.

iPad Pro Time is Up

And because live events seldom go according to plan, Fin can be adjusted on the fly, even while the timer is already running. Add or subtract time, change from counting up or down, or even select a different preset, and Fin will automatically calculate the new time based on the time already elapsed, all without missing a beat.

iPad running Fin

Controlled with Simple Gestures

Fin was designed to be used on stage or in the recording studio. On iPad or iPhone, starting or pausing is as simple as a tap on the screen. Adding or subtracting time is as simple as a swipe, or tracing a circle with your finger. Swipe with two fingers to double or half your time.

You can have the timer count up or down, depending on your preference. You can choose whether or not to view seconds, or just minutes, remaining.

Dial in the Time

Apple Watch

You probably don't want to look at your wrist while you're on stage, but you can use Fin for Apple Watch to remote control the timer on your iPhone when it is out of reach. Use Apple Watch to start and pause the timer, add or subtract time, reset, or select presets.

Fin on Apple Watch

Apple TV

On Apple TV, Fin puts your time on the big screen. Use the Siri Remote to control the Fin experience on any HD monitor. Perfect for front-of-stage confidence monitors, or in the classroom or video production studio.

Fin for Apple TV

Keep Your Devices in Sync

With iCloud sync, your presets will be shared between all of your iOS and tvOS devices. Any changes you make on your iPhone, for instance, will be reflected on your iPad and Apple TV. Get all your most frequently needed timers on whatever device you happen to be using.

iCloud sync


  • Large numbers that are easy to read from across a room.
  • Three visual warnings which change the screen background color at times specified by the user. (Any of these three warnings can be switched on or off as you see fit.)
  • A custom message for when the timer runs out.
  • Dark and light themes to match your stage conditions.
  • The ability to count up or down, and switch between the two, even after you’ve started the timer.
  • Display of elapsed time, remaining time, current clock time, or blank screen.
  • An overtime counter that counts up after time is up, so you know exactly how long you’ve gone over. Perfect for rehearsals.
  • Option to hide seconds, so you only see hours and/or minutes remaining.
  • 12 adjustable presets so you can easily switch between your most needed performance times.
  • iCloud sync of presets to all your devices.
  • Need to switch to another app while Fin is running? No problem. Fin will calculate the time even while you’re gone.
  • Background notifications will let you know if your warning times have arrived, or your timer has elapsed while the app is in the background.
  • Universal app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Works in both landscape and portrait modes on all devices.
  • Universal Purchase gives you iOS and tvOS versions for one price.
  • Apple Watch app allows you to control Fin for iPhone from your Watch
  • Notifications on Apple Watch allow you to feel a "tap" on your wrist when warning times arrive and when the final timer elapses.

Get Fin today, and be a better performer.